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Atlantic Billiards Bars  & Spas features CalSpas and the "Majestic Spas".
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Laguna model:

Lean back, kick your feet up and toss your cares away as you glide into your new Laguna Spa. Remove pressure from your back and elevate your feet to enjoy all the comforts of a swirling tidepool. Pamper your feet, calves, back and shoulders with the adjustable jets as you enjoy total relaxation and bubbling hydrotherapy. Let yourself go as your muscles are caressed and your senses are revived.
hot tubs Laguna
Shasta model:

Ease into the contoured seating and stretch out as you enjoy the ample legroom in this peaceful retreat. Delight your senses and enjoy a relaxing Spa experience as multitudes of swirling bubbles gently prod your cares away. Get comfortable as you float in the warm tranquil waters that erase the strains of the day. This 84-inch Spa will cradle you in a sensual oasis while a 1.5 horsepower pump provides you with a powerful massage. Relax your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Add a Cal Spas exclusive XL Heat Exchanger™ for quick heat-up and unsurpassed efficiency or a 10 Jet Pack upgrade for additional hydrotherapy.
hot tubs Shasta
Summit model:

Where's the party? If you answered, "In our Summit Spa", you're right! Accommodating up to 6 adults, the 10-jet Summit is ideal for entertaining your frazzled friends and neighbors. Every adult will find a seat of their own as they slide into contoured seats and let their troubles drift away. Through the years your Spa will become one of your favorite places to entertain as you kick back and enjoy warm nights on the patio.
hot tubs Summit
Sedona model:

There really is no place like home when you are in the Sedona. With a diameter of 77-inches, the Sedona is ideal for a family meeting or social gathering. Elevate your feet and float into relaxation as you melt away stress and soothe tired muscles. The Sedona will quickly become a haven for years to come, allowing you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a Spa in the convenience of your own home.
hot tubs Sedona
Sierra model:

As you ease into the warm, soothing water, you'll instantly know why you decided on a Sierra Spa. Make time for each other in its cozy setting or indulge in a solo soak. The side-by-side love seat style loungers provide simultaneous relaxation so no one has to sacrifice and you both have the best seat in the house. Ease your troubles away after a long day of work or play as your body is treated to a session of hydrotherapy. Float away to a magical place as you feel the tension leaving your muscles and joints.
hot tubs Sierra

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