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Newporter model:

One of Cal Spas most requested models, the 8 x 10-foot Newporter offers a full lounge and therapeutic jets to soothes away tension and muscle soreness. Who needs the sofa when you can add an exclusive television and Splash Stereo System with four speakers.

Make an investment to better health and improved fitness by adding the exclusive Cal Flex equipment. Strength building will tone muscles improving your outer appearance and inner health at the same time. Attach the specialized Cal Spas exercise equipment and you're on your way to fitness and relief from those daily aches and pains.

hot tubs Newporter
El Grande model:

Perfect for parties, family celebrations or water workouts, the El Grande is also ideal for gazebos. Add a 10 Pack Jet Upgrade for maximum therapeutic massage benefits. Surround yourself in warmth even after you get out of your Spa by having a towel warmer installed. For toasty towels simply fold and hang over warmer. Make your El Grande the focal point of your Home Resort, by adding Cal Spas exclusive Splash Stereo System with four pop-up speakers.
hot tubs El Grande
Bel Air model:

This 8-foot Spa is ideal for celebrating with family and friends. Classic-style bench seating allows up to 8 adults to relax in comfort. Add Dome Jets to the roomy foot well to rejuvenate well-worked feet. The Bel Air's step down entry provides easy accessibility.

Consider a maintenance-free Dura-Max™ cabinet for additional heat retention and a look of wood that will keep your Spa looking great for years to come. Available in red or gray, Dura-Max? is a Cal Spas exclusive.

hot tubs Bel Air
Del Mar model:

A smart choice for entertaining, the Del Mar will encourage gatherings for years to come. Designed to comfortably seat up to six adults, this spacious Spa is like adding a family room, only better. Step in and stretch out. Cool down seats are only one of its many features.
hot tubs Del Mar
Malibu model:

Made for you, designed for two! The Malibu's dual lounges offer side-by-side rest and relaxation. Kick your heels up in "his and hers" loungers as you sit back and enjoy the best features a Spa can offer. Only Cal Spas allows you to choose how much or how little power you desire for your body massage. Add the new, exclusive GE "Dually" Power Unit that features double high-power wet ends to ensure maximum performance, at half the usual operating cost. Consider adding a Dome Jet to give tired feet an incredible massage or a whirlpool to enhance your hydrotherapy experience.
hot tubs Malibu
Cancun model:

Roomy enough for six adults, the Cancun is an optimal Spa for entertaining the whole family, as well as a few friends. Fiesta and Genesis series. Install Cal Spas exclusive Splash Stereo System with four speakers to set the festivities to music and add on LED Spa Light for the ultimate in underwater illumination. Optional aromatherapy brings the exotic and therapeutic citrus scents of the Mexican Riviera into your backyard.
hot tubs Cancun
Atlantic model:

The Atlantic is a Cal Spas best seller. One of our larger models, the Atlantic measures 93-inches in diameter. Melt away stress and soothe tired muscles, while increasing your circulation. Contoured seats surround you with hip and wrist jets, strategically located to massage areas prone to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Optional Fiber Optics lighting will brighten the darkest of nights with sparkling illumination.
hot tubs Atlantic
Lounger model:

Step down into the Lounger and take an enchanting hot soak in your Spa. The step-down entry provides maximum accessibility. Sit back and enjoy the jet-driven, warm-water massage that provides relief from afflictions such as arthritis. Stimulate your circulation and forget about your cares as you unwind in tranquility. Add the optional Cal Spas exclusive XL Heat Exchanger™ quick heat-up and unsurpassed efficiency.
hot tubs Lounger
Tropical model:

Simple bench seating makes the Tropical a perfect choice for social occasions. Experience the massaging jets as they work wonders on tired muscles and increase circulation. Your body will benefit from the long-term health effects of the forceful, yet totally controllable, therapeutic massage. Relieve the pressures of the day and start enjoying the pleasures of the good life. Add a waterfall to bring your Tropical Spa to life with the calming sounds of cascading water.
hot tubs Tropical
Pacifica model:

Year after year the Pacifica remains one of Cal Spas most popular models. Contoured seating in an 8-foot square has a comfortable ergonomic lay out designed with comfort in mind. The with a variety of jet combinations available, the Pacifica will delight every member of the family. Take turns stretching out in the lounge as you elevate your feet and let your cares float away.
hot tubs Pacifica

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